Magnet Technology and magnetic measurement technology

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Permanent magnets and soft magnetic materials

Magnetization, Measurement, Calibration

MAGNET-PHYSIK has excellent competence in the theoretical and practical basics of magnetism and magnetic measuring techniques. Therefore, we have been partners for a variety of specialist events, for example for magnetics, magnetic materials, and magnetic measuring techniques for a long time now. We promote knowledge management and are extending our activities in this field with our MAGNET-PHYSIK Academy.

Thus, we have prepared some basic seminars, which serve as solid basis or as a refresher course for those who are working with magnetic materials as well as for people who would like to get even deeper into this topic. We offer content related to hard and soft magnetic materials for both practical applications and laboratory environment.

The in-class magnet technology and measurement seminars take place in our seminar rooms in Cologne. The direct access to the equipment in our laboratories allows practical training units. The Academy provides a pleasant atmosphere, as well as more than enough room for larger events.

In addition, the seminar content is also offered as webinars. Here we present the practical knowledge virtually. We are already offering a series of interesting webinars. The content will be packed into shorter units which can be included even in a full schedule. This time will definitely be well spent!

Do you have any topics or questions in mind? We will gladly accept requests and suggestions as well as prepare individual trainings where we can focus on your specific needs. If you like to go deeper into a special topic or if you need individual support from our magnetics experts, feel free to contact us. Of course, the Academy can also come to your location.

Upcoming courses at the MAGNET-PHYSIK Academy

Training Characterization of soft magnetic materials (online)

An online training which provides a comprehensive insight into the properties, the measurement and testing of soft magnetic materials.

You’ll get an overview about the soft magnetic characterization standards. We explain BH loops and the different test methods, the challenges of open and closed loop measurements and sample preparation.

Our trainings are not mere lectures but have workshop character. Questions from your everyday working life with magnetics can be discussed with our experts.

Next dates:
English28 September 2023
German16 November 2023

Training Magnet Technology (online)

An online training for everybody working with permanent magnets.

You’ll get an overview about magnet materials, their characteristics and applications.

How to magnetize, how to measure or test magnet qualities, what to observe when working with magnets (safety at work).

Our trainings are not mere lectures but have workshop character. Questions from your everyday working life with magnetics can be discussed with our experts.

Next dates:
German08 November 2023
English09 November 2023

Calibration of magnetic measurement equipment (online)

Measuring equipment is important for quality tests. It must be checked and calibrated at regular intervals to ensure correct results.

In this seminar we will have a closer look at the frequently asked questions in this regard.

  • What is calibration? (traceability, standards, certification, accreditation)
  • How is magnetic measurement equipment calibrated? (measurement technology, methods of measurement, ambient conditions)
  • What are uncertainties of measurement about? (GUM, standard uncertainty of measurement, uncertainty budget)
  • How does the laboratory assess conformity? (decision rule, specification)
Next dates:
German14 June 2023
English15 June 2023

Magnetic basics and gaussmeter measurements (online)

There are always questions regarding the measurement with gaussmeters. In this three hour-training we explain basics of magnetism, the principle of gaussmeters and the speciality of measurements with Hall probes. The training leaves room for discussion or questions from customer specific daily working routines.

Next dates:
German13 December 2023
English14 December 2023