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Our social engagement

Inform and prevent – Sucht- und Jugendhilfe e.V.

MAGNET-PHYSIK aims to contribute to a stronger societal awareness of addiction assistance and its early prevention. Particularly, the upcoming generation needs to be informed and protected regarding the risks of addiction through the consumption of drugs, including legal substances such as alcohol, tobacco and medications, as well as pathological behaviors.

The guidebook from the Sucht- und Jugendhilfe e.V. (Addiction and Youth Assistance Association) informs children and teenagers comprehensively about the dangers associated with both illegal and legal drugs, presenting information objectively without a raised finger of admonishment.

Through our donation, we support the work of the association and the distribution of guidebooks at a school in Cologne.

We take action!

Entrepreneurship has the power to overcome poverty in a sustainable way.  Give people a small business of their own and they can lift themselves out of poverty and lead independent lives in dignity. As a member of Oxfam’s “Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs”, we support this in order to contribute to a fairer and better world.


With the Deutschlandstipendium we support talented and engaged students on their way into their professional future. It gives us new chances for active knowledge and technology transfer in cooperation with TH Cologne.

By promoting young talents we get in contact with our future professionals and managers for magnetizing technology or our other business units at an early stage of their career and accompany them on their academic way.

Deutschlandstipendium: We support young talents

Diakonie Michaelshoven

Create perspectives with people – this is the motto of Diakonie Michaelshoven and this is what it stands for.

We support this occupational rehabilitation program and offer its participants internships in our company and the calibration laboratory. With appropriate enthusiasm and qualification, they get the chance of being permanently employed after the training.

Sport promotes health, passion and team spirit!

MAGNET-PHYSIK supports the employee‘s sports activities and starts with several teams at the Business Run in Cologne

B2Run – German company run in Cologne

Clever mobility on the way to work and in leisure time

With “JobRad”, MAGNET-PHYSIK offers its employees company-leased bikes. They can get their dream bike for a much cheaper rate as the lease fee becomes part of the employee’s gross income and reduces the taxable income.

Cycle race Rund um Köln

Our most ambitious cyclists start at the 70 km-race along the Rhine in Cologne.

Initiative City Cycling in Cologne

To cover as many kilometers as possible by bike for both private and professional purposes in order to help protect the climate, promote cycling and improve the quality of life in municipalities – and ultimately have fun!

MAGNET-PHYSIK will participate.

Healthy team. Healthy company.

Since 2018 the Barmer Health Insurance organizes in-house health days at MAGNET-PHYSIK. They offer workshops about awareness for a healthy life and introduce relaxation techniques and coordination exercises, to activate new power to our staff: “Because concentrated work is more fun.”

We look forward to the next event!