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One-day training Magnet Technology - now available as online training

We are offering the basic training "Magnet Technology" in which you learn more about magnetic characteristics, magnetizing and measuring and working with magnets.

It is now available as online training. The next training in englisch language is planned for 4 March 2021.

If you are interested please contact us and take advantage of this attractive offer.

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The new Single Sheet Tester MJC 500

The new Magnet-Physik Single Sheet Tester MJC 500 allows in connection with the computer controlled Remacomp® C - 1200 loop tracer tests of electrical steel sheets according to the standard IEC 60404-3 and ASTM A804/A804M.

Samples should be of the dimension of a maximum width of 500 mm and a minimum length of at least 500 mm.

It can be used to measure non-oriented and grain-oriented electrical steel.

Considerable efforts have been made to provide the user with a software that works seamlessly with this device.

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