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Cyber attack at MAGNET-PHYSIK - official statement

On 11 January 2023, a cyber attack occurred at our company. It is not yet clear where the attackers came from.

The responsible district police authority in Cologne and the data protection officer have been informed immediately.

We informed all internal and external IT teams within minutes after the attack became known and have since been working on restoring the systems.

The restart of IT operations is currently ongoing. The core systems for maintaining production are currently only affected to a limited extent.

“The data of business partners and employees are a very valuable asset. As a result of the hacker attack, we had to painfully realize that even extensive security measures have weak points and can be underminded by professional criminal energy," says the managing director, Mr. Peter Ulrich.

We are not yet able to say whether and in what form data has been leaked. However, if this is the case, we will immediately inform any affected persons and institutions individually.

We deeply regret the situation and assure that we are doing everything possible to recover the data as soon as possible. Reinforced by external experts, we will continue to expand the security measures of the systems.

We use the situation to put an even better infrastructure and more intensive use of early warning systems into operation as part of the restart.

We have currently set up a crisis team. This will compile the current developments and serves as a source of information and mediator for the company management. In the team, Mr. Markus Weber (dokuworks GmbH) is the contact person for communication and responsible for your questions. Please use this possibility.

You can reach Mr. Weber on the telephone number +49- (0) 271-77237-60 or via email at datenschutz@doku.works.


Nacht der Technik (Night of Technology)

In 2022 MAGNET-PHYSIK took part of the "Nacht der Technik" for the first time

We are delighted to see so much interest in our company and the fascination of magnetism and are already looking forward to the next opportunity to share our passion and knowledge.

Night of Technology


MAGNET-PHYSIK has an excellent competence in the theoretical and practical basics of magnetism and magnetic measuring techniques. We promote knowledge management and are extending our activities in this field with our new MAGNET-PHYSIK Academy.

Currently just online, but hopefully soon, in the rooms of our Academy here in Cologne again.

Our team is looking forward to meeting you.

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The new Single Sheet Tester MJC 210

Sophisticated designed test yoke to measure the dynamic magnetic properties of small the electrical sheets.

Samples with dimensions 210mm x 210mm can be testes in two axis sequentially. The MJC 210 also allows to test strips of smaller width and 210mm length in one axis.

The test results can be well correlated to the established Epstein samples.

The new MAGNET-PHYSIK Single Sheet Tester MJC 500 allows in connection with the computer controlled Remacomp® C - 1200 loop tracer tests of electrical steel strips.

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