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Founded in 1976 as a specialist supplier Market leading manufacturer versatile magnetizer and measuring technology Learn more about us here
  • Competence since 1976
  • Training company
  • Made in Germany
  • Laboratories in Germany & the USA

Since 1976 we have been known for first-class quality and solution-orientated services Magnetizing Technology and Measurement Technology from Germany

40 Jahre Qualität

Our company in Cologne (Germany) was founded in 1976 and stands for high-quality products in the fields of magnetizing technology and measurement technology. Our customers come from all different branches of industry and appreciate our professionalism and reliability, as well as the high precision and long service life of our products.

Core Competencies – Magnetizing and Magnetic Measurement Technology. Our website provides more information about us and gives you an overview of our services and products. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or individual wishes.

  • Magnetizing technology: magnetizers | magnetizing fixtures
  • Measurement technology: hysteresisgraph | magnetic field scanner | fluxmeter & measuring coils | field strength meter & sensors | measurement standards
  • Magnet Laboratory: calibration | magnetizing | measuring and material testing
  • Product development: we support you with over 40 years of experience in our field
  • Seminars and trainings: benefit from our know-how and our technical competence

Typical applications relating to our products and services is the manufacturing of

  • Electric motors
  • Wind power generators
  • Sensors
  • Plug-in hybrid
  • Direct drive motors
  • Pumps
  • Loudspeakers

Our measurement technology from Germany provides

  • continuous quality control of manufacturing processes
  • incoming goods inspection
  • monitoring of inspection equipment

Global reach: Thanks to our central location we are able to serve clients in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, the neighboring European countries and all over the world. We look forward to receiving your inquiry and your order in the fields of magnetizing and magnetic measuring technology.

Our customers are industrial companies, research organizations, universities, suppliers and parts manufacturers in many different fields. Most of our clients are businesses, which use or manufacture magnetizing technology and measuring instruments, for example engine or sensor producers in the automotive industries, magnet producers, speaker manufacturers and producers of medical technology. Our magnetizing and measuring technology is also used in research and development.

News MPS USA is moving!

Effective 1 September 2018

our new address will be

Magnet-Physics Inc., 6330 East 75th Street, Suite 224, Indianapolis, IN 46250, USA

The new location is modern, offers more space and a better traffic connection.

We are excited!