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2nd Semester 2024

Starting in September, we will once again be offering new online courses on exciting magnetic topics.

Our courses are unique, designed by experts, and highly interactive.

Participants can also address specific questions from their daily work and gain valuable knowledge.

A visit to the Academy site is definitely worth it! 🌐

Do you know our new fluxmeter models – EF 6 and EF 7?

They are finally available since the beginning of this year, and they certainly deserve an introduction. 🎉

Both devices feature a unique, digitally compensated integrator which allows to operate always within the finest measurement range.  Even at high signal levels, no resolution is lost.

The EF 6 is a compact lab device that, in addition to its 15-pole sub-D socket is also equipped with banana jacks that allow the connection of custom measuring coils.

The EF 7, on the other hand, offers up to 3 measurement channels and comes in a 19” rack-mountable case, making it ideal for industrial applications.

Discover the precision and versatility of our new fluxmeters here.


Magnet-Physik has taken over the “Magnetization” business unit from List-Magnetik.

What does this mean for you?

  • Service and Spare Parts: From now on, we offer comprehensive service and spare parts for all existing systems.
  • New Systems: Our team develops customized solutions and designs new magnetization systems with state-of-the-art technology.
  • Duplication of Systems: We can replicate existing systems while ensuring the highest quality, with support from List-Magnetik.
  • Warranty Services: List-Magnetik will remain your point of contact for warranty services on already delivered equipment.

With our extensive experience and expertise, we are well-equipped to continue providing excellent service.

We look forward to working with you!

Meet us in Pasadena!

Our American team will be on site to showcase our innovative solutions, offer expert insights and discuss tailored strategies for your projects.

Don’t miss this chance to meet in person and learn about the latest developments in our industry.

You will find Tim Lankenau and Reinhold Strnat at booth 413.

The Magnetics Show

If you want to know where else you can meet us, see here.

New measurement technology – Coercimeter

We have a variety of new products – from improved functions up to innovative solutions which we will present to you here.

We start with our Coercigraph, which measures the coercivity of soft magnetic materials. The great advantage is that it is not bound to standardized sample shapes like bars and strips but also measures complex geometries.

New CEO of Magnet-Physics Inc., USA

We are pleased to share the great news that Tim Lankenau has joined our US division as the new CEO, taking the helm in December 2023. We’re looking forward to the fresh perspectives and leadership that Tim brings to our team. A warm thank you to Reinhold Strnat, who is gradually stepping back from the business. Here’s to new beginnings and continued success!

Meet our US team in Orlando, Florida in February!

13 – 15 February 2024 – Motor, Drive Systems & Magnetics, Orlando, Florida, USA

Explore the Online Training Program of the MAGNET-PHYSIK ACADEMY now!

Discover this year’s schedule online, with the first course commencing in February.

We have enhanced our program to introduce a dedicated online training session, offering a comprehensive guide to utilizing our Permagraph®.

Explore the various features and potential enhancement for a solid knowledge base and reliable measuring results.

Sign up now and deepen your knowledge!

Upcoming Online Event for US customers

From 5-7 December 2023 we will offer an online training on Hard & Soft Magnetic Materials for our valued US customers.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn and network from the comfort of your own workspace.

We look forward to seeing you there!

2nd Semester 2023

We will start the 2nd semester 2023 with our training on the characterization of soft magnetic materials in English language on 28 September 2023.

Looking  forward to seeing you online.

Re-Accreditation of our Calibration Laboratories

Magnet-Physik Dr. Steingroever GmbH and our North America division Magnet-Physics Inc. operate accredited calibration laboratories for magnetic quantities. Both labs are monitored in periodic audits to assure ongoing quality and accuracy.

This spring the accreditation of our calibration lab in Cologne was confirmed again by technical assessors of the DAkkS (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle). Also, the US lab of Magnet-Physics Inc. passed once more the audit by Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation Services and can offer calibrations conforming to ISO/IEC 17025.

Do you have an overview of the calibration intervals of your magnetic test equipment? Our labs will be pleased to assist you.

High quality calibration guarantees reliability and accuracy of test instruments and thus contributes to the quality of your product.

Nacht der Technik – Night of Technology

In 2022 MAGNET-PHYSIK took part in the “Nacht der Technik” for the first time. We were delighted to see so much interest in our company and the fascination of magnetism and are already looking forward to the next opportunity to share our passion and knowledge.

The new Single Sheet Tester MJC 210

Testing yoke in sophisticated design to measure the dynamic magnetic properties of small electrical sheets. Samples with dimensions 210 mm x 210 mm can be tested in two axes sequentially. The  MJC 210 also allows to test strips of smaller widths and 210mm length in one axis.

The test results can be well correlated to the established Epstein samples. The new MAGNET-PHYSIK Single Sheet Tester MJC 500 in connection with the computer controlled Remacomp® C – 1200 loop tracer allows tests of electrical steel strips.


MAGNET-PHYSIK has an excellent competence in the theoretical and practical basics of magnetism and magnetic measuring techniques. We promote knowledge management and are extending our activities in this field with our new MAGNET-PHYSIK Academy. Our team is looking forward to meeting you.