Semi-automatic magnetization

Handling systems

Handling systems are used for partial automation of magnetization for manual workstations. The integration of the magnetizing components allows a comfortable and safe magnetization of your products. During the process, the door of the handling system is kept firmly closed to ensure a high level of safety. The system can only be opened again after the process has been completed.

The semi-automatic handling systems perfectly complete our magnetizers and magnetizing fixtures. In addition magnetic measurement technology can be integrated if your magnetizing process includes a test of the magnetized part. You can use the handling systems for single magnets as well as for multipole systems.

Functions and advantages

Semi-automatic handling systems

Various magnetization concepts and fixtures can be easily and universally integrated in our handling systems. The systems allow both magnetizing and subsequent measurement of your magnets.

The integrated OK-NOK-evaluation of your parts with visual and haptic feedback via indicator lights and the closed door informs the user about the magnetizing result. The handling systems offer a great safety during operation.