Magnetizer by MAGNET-PHYSIK in Cologne


Use our magnetizers for the smallest rotor of a wristwatch to a wind power generator: magnetize materials of all sizes.

Optimized to your task, we offer magnetizers of different models, energy classes, functions, and cycle times.


2,800 Ws – 2,000 V

The U-series impulse magnetizers are suited for a wide scope of applications in laboratory and production settings. At small energies they are ideal for the magnetization of sensor systems made of ferrites, with short cycle times at currents of up to 20 kA. In the energy classes of 1,400 Ws or 2,800 Ws they are typically used to magnetize rotors with NdFeB magnets up to a diameter of approx. 60 mm. With this device you can magnetize with impulse currents up to 60 kA.


10,000 Ws – 2,000 V

The K-Series magnetizers stand between the bench-top U-Series and the heavy production X-Series. By concentrating on the essential core functions, these impulse magnetizers allow a very attractive price-performance ratio.


5,000 Ws – 2,000 V

With a maximum energy of 5,000 Ws the magnetizers of the M-Series perfectly complete our magnetizer program. They offer the functionality and configurability of the X-series in a smaller cabinet with more mobility and flexibility.


bis zu 500,000 Ws – 3,000 V

The X-Series impulse magnetizers are made in control cabinet design. They offer full functionality and can magnetize with energies from 8,500 Ws up to 500,000 Ws!