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Magnetizers by MAGNET-PHYSIK from Germany Magnetizing

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Here you will find extensive information on our impulse magnetizers and magnetizing fixtures. Choose one of the categories or click the product name to download the data sheet.

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Magnetizing / Magnetizer – Your advantages with MAGNET-PHYSIK from Germany

Our clients need customized solutions. Our magnetizers generate perfect results in combination with client-specific magnetizing fixtures. Benefit from all the advantages of MAGNET-PHYSIK in Germany, that we realize for you on the basis of over 40 years and more of experience.

  • In most cases we can match magnetizing equipment, magnetizers (power source) and magnetizing fixtures (magnetizing coils) to meet your specific needs.
  • The energy capacity of the impulse magnetizer is tailored and optimized to the individual fixture, in order to get as much magnetic energy as possible out of the electric energy and to avoid unnecessary loading of the magnitizing fixture.
  • By performing FEM calculations in advance, the required energy and the magnetizing result can be accurately predicted.
  • With water cooling short cycle times can be realized even at high currents.

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