Measure magnetic field strength

Field strength meters and sensors

Field strength meters are measuring devices for the measurement of the magnetic flux density B (induction) and the magnetic field strength H of static (DC) and alternating (AC) magnetic fields. They are called Gaussmeter or Teslameter. Magnetic field strength meters measure the magnetic field strength at magnets and magnet systems in conjunction with exchangeable Hall probes.

Do you want to measure the magnetic field strength? We have various field strength meters and Hall probes in high quality in our line. Alternatively, you can use a USB Hall probe. Have a look at our range and find the field strength meter that best suits your needs.

Gaussmeter und Teslameter

The FH series offers compact devices ranging from simple battery-powered handheld meters to versatile laboratory meters. The meters display field strength in Tesla, Gauss or Ampere per meter. A standard probe is included with each meter. Hall probes for older Gaussmeters are available on request.

The following data sheets and operating instructions for the Gauss- and Teslameters can be found here:

USB Hall probes

The USB Hall probe is simply connected to a computer and is operated with an easy-to-understand software. No additional measuring device is required for magnetic field strength measurement. The software “USB Teslameter” for Windows can be downloaded here. A Linux version is available on request.