Measuring instruments in magnet technology

Fluxmeter and measuring coils

The measurement of magnetic values is mostly traceable to the measurement of the magnetic flux. Therefore, the fluxmeter, as measuring instrument for magnetic flux, is the most versatile measuring instrument in magnetics. The fluxmeter is operated in conjunction with a measuring coil.

Measuring coils for various applications can be supplied from our stocks. We offer a wide range of measurement coils to our clients from Germany, Europe, and the rest of the world: among others these include search coils (also point measuring coils and thin film coils), moment measuring coils (Helmholtz coils), potential coils, and saturation coils.

Electronic Fluxmeter EF 6

New! With unique digitally compensated integrator.

Electronic Fluxmeter EF 7

New! Available in 1, 2- or 3-channel versions.

Electronic Fluxmeter EF 14

Our fluxmeter for common applications

Measuring coils

Our extensive range of measuring coils offers a wide variety of possible applications. Contact us and let us support you in your selection.