Practical accessories

Metrology accessories

Useful metrology accessories complement our range of measuring products. They are practical tools to determine the polarity of magnets or display magnetic fields for example.

Have a closer look at our pole testers, zero field chambers, and sensor foil which you find here under metrology accessories.

Pole tester

Pole testers are important instruments to determine the polarity of a magnet. Indispensible for the assembly of magnetized magnets or the measurement of magnets in a PERMAGRAPH®. We are offering three different models.

Sensor foil

The sensor foil enables a quick view of the magnetic field of a magnet. A magnetic liquid in the foil shows the pole pitches on the surface of a magnet, for example.

Shielding Chambers

Magnetic shielding chambers are used to shield magnetic sensors from ambient magnetic fields. Main application is zeroing of Hall probes.