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Magnet-Physik in Cologne Hysteresisgraph

The measurement of the characteristics of magnetic materials is very important for material producer and user. Our models Permagraph, Remagraph and Remacomp are known worldwide and cover the full range for soft- and hard magnetic materials.

We also offer these measurements as service.

Hard magnetic materials

Hard magnetic materials

The PERMAGRAPH® is a fully automatic, computer-controlled measuring system to determine the magnetic characteristics of permanent magnets. This measuring station allows fast and reliable measurements with precision fluxmeters EF 5 and the user-friendly and efficient software package PERMA.

The PERMAGRAPH® is a measuring equipment that meets modern and forward-looking requirements. Our equipment is known for high quality and long life-time.

Permagraph C Permagraph L
Soft magnetic materials

Soft magnetic materials

The REMAGRAPH® C is a fully automatic, computer controlled station to measure the (quasi-)static hystere­sis curves (DC) of soft magnetic materials. The measurements can be carried out on bars, strips and rings.

Die REMACOMP® C family comprises automatic, computer controlled measuring systems to determine dynamic (AC) magnetic properties of soft magnetic materials.

Remagraph C Remacomp C



The combination of PERMAGRAPH®–REMAGRAPH® or REMAGRAPH®-REMACOMP® combines the measuring possibilities in one instrument.

As some components are only required once, the combination offers a reasonable alternative to separate devices and offers a lot of applications.

Permagraph - Remagraph