In the laboratory or at site

Measurement & material testing

In our comprehensively equipped calibration laboratory for measurement and material testing we offer magnetic properties testing of permanent magnets and soft-magnetic materials. Some types of measurements can be performed on-site at a customer location. We carry out measurements at magnet systems and characterize the material properties of permanent magnets and soft magnetic materials. We measure the magnetic stray fields in your production according to the rules and regulations of the German trade association (Berufsgenossenschaftliche Vorschriften BGV). We also render measurement service for airfreight shipment in accordance with IATA 953.

Do you need a magnetic flux density measurement or a magnetic field strength measurement? With us you get reliable data about your materials. You can count on measurement and material testing from MAGNET-PHYSIK.

Here is a summary of the many types of measurement and material testing which we can offer:

Measurements at magnet system

  • magnet field strength

  • magnetic flux density

  • linear scans

  • surface scans

  • rotational scans

Properties of permanent magnets

  • demagnetization curve, sample temperatures of -40 °c to +200 °c

  • magnetic moment (Helmholtz coil)

  • working (operating) point determination

Properties of magnetically soft materials


  • rods

  • bars

  • strips

  • rings

  • initial magnetization curve

  • magnetic hysteresis curve

  • permeability

  • Epstein stripes


  • rings

  • Epstein sample

  • magnetic hysteresis curve

  • commutation curve

  • permeability

  • core loss

  • single sheet

  • stators

Stray field measurements

  • magnetic field evaluation per BGV (operational safety)

  • field measurement for air freight shipment (IATA 953)