Your product developer in der magnetizing and measurement technology

Product development

The product development and production of measurement and magnetizing technique requires a combination of the most important physical fields. For this cause, we at MAGNET-PHYSIK use the FEM-Software-Solution ANSYS. In product development it allows us to solve magnetic, thermal, and mechanical problems in static and transient time ranges, in the mechanical range even up to the linear range of material forming and shaping.

We are also pleased to offer you our support in calculation, design, and validation of your products. Save time and money in your product development, minimize your practical tests, and keep resources free for own FEM projects. Do you require material data for your FEM calculations? We will be glad to measure your materials and provide the measuring values, for Ansys even already in the right format. Please contact us if you are interested. We will be pleased to offer our full expertise.

We already successfully supported customers in the following product developments:

  • Design of sensors: calculation of measuring value in function of the sensor distance

  • Loudspeaker: minimum magnet volume at max. air gap induction

  • Magnet valve: calculation of sealing force depending on coil current

  • Shaping: calculation of shaping with thermal and magnetic stress

  • Motors: calculation of torque and induced voltages.


Elektromagnetic simulation

Thermal mechanical simulation