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Magnet-Physik in Cologne Seminars and Tainings

Our engineers have a very high competence in theoretical and practical basics of magnetism and magnetic measuring techniques.

We are partners of specialist events for magnetics, magnetic materials, magnetic measuring techniques etc.

In our seminar rooms in Cologne we also offer trainings on these topics and can respond to individual wishes of our customers. The direct access to the equipment in our laboratories allows the focus on practical trainings.

Besides these individual trainings we are offering two basic trainings "Magnet Technology" in which you learn more about magnetic characteristics, magnetizing and measuring and working with magnets.

The next training in German is planned November 5, 2020 in German language. The training in English has been postponed to October 8, 2020.

If you are interested please contact us and take advantage of this attractive offer.

We also offer in-house trainings at our customers where we can advise and consult you individually and answer your special questions.

Please also see the interview with our CEO, Peter Ulrich, in German Wirtschaftsforum

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Seminars and Taining
Seminars and Taining