Magnetizing, measuring and maintenance

Our service

Take advantage of the services offered by our laboratories. We magnetize and demagnetize for you and offer measurements of hard and soft magnetic materials as a service – here in Cologne at MAGNET-PHYSIK.

Send your equipment for maintenance or request our service technician. The professional inspection of your devices will extend their service life.

Advantages of our range of services

Whether you want to use our magnetization technology or carry out measurements and material tests – we combine technical possibilities and professional expertise. In doing so, you benefit from the following advantages:

  • We have magnetizing devices and impulse magnetisers of all energy classes and functions available for magnetising tests and the processing of smaller numbers of pieces in Cologne

  • We offer measurements and material tests on hard and soft magnetic materials in our laboratories

  • We offer stray field measurements at your site

  • We offer attractive maintenance contracts for the regular inspection of your production and laboratory equipment