Leading manufacturer
of versatile magnetizing
and measuring technology
Founded in 1976 as a specialist supplier

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Magnetizing and measuring technology from

Since 1976, MAGNET-PHYSIK has stood for the highest quality in magnetizing and magnetic measurement technology. Our customers come from all different branches of industry and appreciate the professionalism, reliability, high precision, and durability of MAGNET-PHYSIK products.

Learn more about MAGNET-PHYSIK here on our homepage and discover our core competences. Order hysteresisgraphs such as the PERMAGRAPH® or magnetizers of various series from us. We will be happy to answer your questions personally and advise you on services and products.

Magnetizers and more

Magnetizing technology

At MAGNET-PHYSIK you receive magnetization technology of the highest quality. This includes magnetizers, magnetizing fixtures, and handling systems. With these products, you can magnetize the smallest rotors in the clockwork of a wristwatch as well as large wind power generators. We adapt our fixtures individually to the customer’s product.

Discover the many advantages you get with the products as well as our service.

Measure magnetic field strength

Measuring technology

Measure magnetic fields with practical handheld devices or analyse hard and soft magnetic materials with fully automatic measurement technology. This includes hysteresisgraphs such as our PERMAGRAPH®, fluxmeters and measuring coils as well as many other products.

MAGNET-PHYSIK serves you with various devices and equipment for your individual needs so that you can measure magnetic field strengths and much more.

In Germany and the US

Calibration laboratory

Since 2001 our calibration laboratory in Cologne has been accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 and offers accredited calibrations in addition to proprietary calibrations.

Our US branch also operates an independent accredited calibration laboratory according to ISO/IEC 17025.

Reliability and accurate measurements are our first priority. We support the quality assurance of your measuring technology with our comprehensive service.


Seminars & trainings

With over 45 years of experience, MAGNET-PHYSIK has great expertise in the theoretical and practical fundamentals of magnetism and magnetic measurement technology. We regularly pass on this knowledge in our specialist events. In these, we focus on magnet technology, magnetic materials, magnetic measuring technology and much more.

Get an overview of our seminars and book an event at the MAGNET-PHYSIK Academy.

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