Moment etalons, reference magnets, and more

Measurement standards

Reference standards are used for the calibration of measuring instruments. There is the right measurement standard for every meter, probe, and coil. Besides moment etalons and reference magnets there are other, high-quality products from the category “measurement standards”, which we can offer in high quality and at fair prices.

Reference magnets and coils serve to generate homogeneous magnetic fields, whereby their individual areas of application for calibration differ in detail. Moment etalons, in turn, are self-calibrated magnets that you can use for calibration. In the following, we reveal to you for which purpose the respective products are suitable.

Reference magnets

Reference magnets produce a homogeneous magnetic field in an air gap. They are suitable for calibrating:

  • Sensors

  • Gaussmeter

  • Teslameter

  • Search coils


Standard Field Coils and Stray Field Compensated Coils are suitable to produce a very homogeneous magnetic field. They are used to calibrate:

  • Hall probes

  • Measuring coils

Moment etalons

Moment etalons are calibrated magnets, which can be used for the calibration of a Helmholtz coil, for example. As the magnets are plastic-bonded, permanent corrosion protection can be guaranteed. Use moment etalons to calibrate:

  • Helmholtz coils

  • Search coils

Reference samples

Reference samples are suitable to verify the measurement of Hysteresisgraphs. They are supplied with measuring diagram or proprietary certificate.